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  • Hytrol – CT-200 Chain Transfer

    Chain transfers are used to move products at right angles to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines. An air bag actuator lifts the transfer mechanism while powered chains transfer the product. Chains run on UHMW polyethylene wearstrips to reduce friction. Complete unit mounts in models 190-ABEZ, 190-ACZ, or 190-LR.

    • Capacity: 200 lbs.
    • Transfer chain: #40 roller chain.
    • Speed: 65 FPM (other speeds available).
    • 1/2 HP gearmotor standard.
    • Air requirements: 60 p.s.i. minimum, 125 p.s.i. maximum.

  • Hytrol – Guard Rails


    • Adjustable Channel Guard Rails.
    • Fixed Angle Guard Rails.
    • Fixed Channel Guard Rails.
    • Solid Side Guard Rails.

  • Hytrol – Manual Gate

    Manual gates are available for use with a variety of conveyors. Gates provide a passageway for personnel, lift trucks, and other equipment. Photo shown is manual gate for 1-3/8"dia roller conveyor.

    • Skatewheel and 1-3/8"dia roller:
    • 4 widths (12" to 24" overall).
    • Frame: 12ga galvanized steel or 0.125" aluminum.
    • 1.9"dia and 2"dia roller:
    • 12 widths (13" to 39" between rails).
    • Rollers: 1.9" galvanized, unplated or aluminum; or 2" unplated.
    • Frame: 10ga powder painted steel.
    • Lengths: 3ft, 4ft, & 5ft.
    • Safety gate latch.
    • Max width and length determined by roller centers and type or roller.
    • Floor supports available. 24-hour stockyard availability (contact for sizes available).

  • Hytrol – Model “A” Aluminum Portable Narrow Belt

    The model A, with its Roughtop belt, easily moves boxes, cases, and cartons up inclines. Its narrow width allows it to be used in a stairway for floor-to-floor conveying. It can be propped on a shelf for stacking or order picking. The Model A can be stored on its end in a minimum amount of space.

    • Bed: 12" wide x 0.080 aluminum, 6061-T6 heat treated, reinforced.
    • Belt width: 10".
    • Belt speed: 83 FPM.
    • Overall lengths: 6', 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', & 20'.
    • Motor: 1/2 HP standard.
    • Capacity: 200 lbs total distributed load, 120 lbs unit load.
    • Reversible.
    • Switch: reversing drum with power cord and plug mounted on side of unit.
    • Speed reduction: accomplished by 4-step jack shaft, v-belt, and #40 roller chain.
    • Ajustable floor supports.
    • 1 week stockyard availability (contact for sizes available).
    • Options include: rubber casters, floor stands, upper and lower feeders, trough attachment, cover, etc.

  • Hytrol – Model “B” & “BL” Portable Folding Cleated

    Both models B and BL are ideal for stacking, loading, and unloading. Hardwood cleats permit use at steeper inclines up to 45ยบ. The conveyor folds onto its own portable base for storage.

    Because of the extra length, the BL can be used to convey material from one floor to another or to a mezzanine. Its long bed can also extend far into a truck, thereby minimizing the distance for loading or unloading the conveyor.

    • Bed: 4" deep x 20" wide x 12ga formed steel bed, hinged.
    • Lengths:
    • B: 10', 12', 14', & 16'.
    • BL: 20' & 22'.
    • Belt width: 14" wide black roughtop.
    • Belt cleats: two 1-1/2"dia x 1" high hardwood cleats every 60".
    • Belt speed: 65 FPM.
    • Motor: 1 HP.
    • Capacity: 300 lbs total distributed load, 150 lbs unit load.
    • Reversible.
    • Switch: reversing drum with 20' power cord and plug.
    • Self-powered raising device.
    • 1 week stockyard availability (contact for sizes available).
    • Options include: rubber casters, floor locks, upper and lower feeders, trough attachment, remote switch control, etc.