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  • Small Footprint Semi-Automatic Depalletizer with Rotary Accumulation

    This manual or semi-automatic depalletizer is a low-level machine with a compact footprint, typically used for low to moderate speed applications where space requirements are limited. Featuring relatively high output speeds, this strong, sturdy design.

    • Manual loading of pallet into depalletizer.
    • Scissor lift and sweep arm.
    • Discharge onto rotary turntable.
    • Easy to learn operator fingertip controls.
    • Optional: infeed and/or discharge conveyors
    • Optional: empty pallet stacker.
    • Manual or semi-automatic operation with relatively high output speeds.
    • Strong, sturdy design with an emphasis on conserving floor space.
    • Cost-effective, reliable system.
    • Modular construction for maximum versatility.