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  • Aerosol Test Tank

    The non-magnetic rotary Waterbath is used in Aerosol manufacturing facilities to test recently filled Aerosol containers in compliance with DOT testing regulations of aerosol containers.

    The basic function of the Waterbath is to immerse cans after filling and test the ability of the can to withstand an elevated internal pressure specific to the product inside the can. This is accomplished by controlling the heat of the water and immersion time of the can.

    After the predetermined immersion time, the cans are returned to the production line for capping and packaging operations.

    Features of the Non-Magnetic Waterbath:

    • Standard lengths of 3’, 5’ and 7.5’
    • Non-magnetic function allows user to run Aluminum and/or Steel cans.
    • Container sizes range from 35mm to 73mm in diameter. (Custom sized cans and/or pucks are available as a custom built model)
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • 15 rows of containers inside the tank.
    • Electrical Control system to control all functions of the equipment including temperature and immersion time.
    • Operator HMI
    • Infeed and discharge conveyor included.
    • Explosive environment safe


    • Allows aerosol manufactures to be compliant with DOT testing regulations.
    • Stainless steel construction for all product and water contact surfaces provide high resistance to corrosion.
    • 15 rows of containers inside the tank allows the foot print of the Waterbath to be extremely small. ie a 5’ bath has approximately 75’ of linear conveyor inside the tank.
    • Operator HMI allows 2 levels of access (Operator and Managaement)
    • Explosive environment safe allows users to install this equipment in their explosive environment without modification.