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  • Hytrol – Vipersort Right Angle Sortation Conveyor

    The model ViperSort is a right angle sortation conveyor used to sort small to medium size products. The ViperSort utilizes a patented design which enables the sorting of cylindrical products, extremely thin items such as blister packs, vinyl envelopes and other problematic items.

    • Bed: 6-3/8" x 12ga formed steel, powder painted.
    • Widths (belt): 12", 14", 16", & 18".
    • Belt: blue acetal open grid 1" pitch cleated plastic belt.
    • Capacity: 25 lbs max unit package weight.
    • Sorts up to 120 items per minute.
    • Flexible sort locations.
    • Close divert centers.
    • Adjustable floor supports available.
  • Slat Lane Divider / Converger

    Our range of Slat Lane Dividers/Convergers provides an automated system for dividing or converging one product line into as many as six product lanes. It is ideal for applications requiring moderate to high-speed sorting, reject or accumulation lane switching. Not normally recommended for dirty environments, or where spillage may be a concern.

    • Multiple lane dividing or converging.
    • Eliminates manual sorting, saves time and costs.
    • "Jam Proof" switching.
    • High Speed operation.
    • Fully automatic.
    • Mild steel or stainless steel construction.
    • Options available: control package.