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  • Hytrol – 26-CRPT Power Rotated Turntable

    The 26-CRPT is used to rotate products up to 360 degrees. It is comprised of a turntable, and a 26-CRR conveyor section with a side mounted drive contained within the turning radius of the turntable.

    The turntable is powered by a shaft mounted gearmotor complete with variable speed controller for soft start/stop and has proximity switches mounted on the base to sense position and control rotation of product. An 8-wire collector ring allows unlimited rotation of turntable. Powered transition rollers, mounted on the apron of the turntable deck, help move product on and off.

    • Motor: Turntable: 1 HP gearmotor. Conveyor: 1/2 HP gearmotor.
    • Rollers: Tread: 2-5/8"dia x 7ga wall on 4" roller centers. Drive: 2-5/8"dia x .219 wall with heavy duty bearings.
    • Speed: Turntable: 3 revolutions per minute Conveyor: 30 FPM.
    • Elevation: 16" minimum.
    • Capacity: 4000 lbs max load.
    • Optional: gravity transition rollers.
    • Optional: external transition roller sections (mounted to mating conveyors to fill in gap created by radius of turntable).

  • Manually Operated Turntable

    The manually operated turntable can be placed in-line with gravity or powered conveyors. The operator can manually reposition the turntable to divert pallets, product, etc. to an adjacent conveyor line.

    • Rollers: 1.9"dia or 2"dia spaced on 3" centers.
    • Widths (between rail):
    • 3 foot section: 19" to 27".
    • 4 foot section: 31" to 39".
    • Handle: spring loaded to position and lock table at 90º intervals.
    • Capacity: 2000 lbs.
    • Elevation (top of rollers): 8-1/2" minimum, 40" maximum.
    • Floor supports available.

  • Pallet Turntable

    General Conveyor offers a wide range of pallet handling equipment including rotary turntables, pallet handling conveyors, palletizers and depalletizers.

    • Unique torque arm for smooth 90º turning motion.
    • Powered chain driven live roller conveyor included.
    • Two drive motors.
    • Up to 4000 pound capacity.
    • Can be fully integrated with existing pallet handling conveyors.

  • Powered Turntable

    The powered turntable is used when two parallel conveyor lines must be close together with a 180 degree turn at one (or both) ends. The turning radius is held to a minimum, less than would be available with gravity or powered curve sections. Turntable plow and guard rails insure product safety while negotiating 180 degree turns. The unit is reversible and all bearings are sealed. The table top speed at the drive wheel is 190 FPM.

    • Chain-driven free-floating drive wheel.
    • Motor: 1-1/2 HP.
    • Capacity: 500 lbs total distributed load; 150 lbs max unit load.
    • Elevation (top of table): 28" to 40" adjustable.
    • Floor supports available.