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  • 90 Degree Pallet Transfer

    General Conveyor offers a variety of 90 degree transfers designed to suit any application. Please contact us for the best possible solution to your packaging and material handling equipment requirements.

    • 90 degree lift transfer designed to handle 40" x 48" GMA pallets to 3000 pounds.
    • Low profile chain transfer.
    • Drives mounted internally.
    • Supplied as individual unit or complete system.

  • Accumulation Table

    For smooth line control under varying operating conditions General Conveyor has developed a range of product accumulation tables. The accumulation table accepts product when a downstream machine slows down and returns it to the production line when normal conditions resume. Suitable for the beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

    • Reversing pusher beam to ensure all products are returned to the production line.
    • Capable of handling a variety of glass, metal or plastic containers.
    • A number of standard sizes available. Size can be customized to suit your line capacity.
    • Can be fully integrated into appropriate existing conveyor systems.
    • Continuous and smooth side transfer to and from the production line.
    • A variety of different configurations available; flow-through, bi-flow, etc.

  • Chain Transfer – BR, CC, & Extended Types


    Chain transfers are used to move products at right angles to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines. Air bags lift the transfer mechanism while powered chains transfer the product. Two or three strands of chain are available in either between rail (BR), conveyor to conveyor (CC), or Extended Types. Chains run on UHMW polyethylene wearstrips to reduce friction. Can be used with models 25-CRR, 26-CRR, & 25-CREZD chain driven roller conveyors.

    • Chain: C-2060H or C-2080H double pitch roller chain.
    • Motor: 3/4 HP for C-2060H, 1-1/2 HP for C-2080H.
    • Speed: 30 FPM (standard).

  • Conveyor Lift Gate

    One section of the conveyor lift gate pivots upward while the other remains stationary. The manual lifting action is assisted by cylinders which also keep it locked when in the upright position. There are additional locking mechanisms when gate lowered to level of conveyor line.

    • Available in chain driven live roller (CDLR) or belt conveyor styles.
    • Belt conveyor lift gate can be used in conjunction with a tabletop conveyor line.
    • Suitable for light to heavy-duty applications.
    • Conveyor can be level, inclined or declined.
    • Optional gate support.
    • Optional manual product stop.

  • Hytrol – 190-E24G Powered Gate with Die Springs

    • Rollers: 1.9"dia.
    • Frame: 3-1/2" x 10ga channel frame.
    • Widths (overall): 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 34", 36", 40", & 42".
    • Lengths: 3ft, 4ft, & 5ft.
    • Hinge mechanism with die springs.
    • Conveying speed: 65 FPM.
    • Floor supports available.