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  • Hytrol – Model “PCX” Low Profile Portable Parts

    The portable model PCX parts conveyor can be easily positioned under punch presses and extruding machines to catch small steel, plastic, or aluminum stampings, etc. The PCX conveys them quickly up to a hopper or drum.
    • Bed: 7-1/4" deep x 12ga formed steel side channel with bolt-in slider bed, 1" high sides above the belt.
    • Incline: 36º standard; 45º available.
    • Belt: 1" high steel cleats on 12: centers.
    • Belt widths: 12", 18", & 24".
    • Belt speed: 25 FPM.
    • Underside drive.
    • Motor: 1/2 HP standard.
    • Capacity: 100 lbs total distributed load.
    • Belt scraper: mounted inside conveyor bed section to clean underside of return belt.
    • Portable base support: adjustable from 4" to 30".
    • Options include: floor supports, overhead end drive, v-belt drive, electrical controls, etc.
  • Hytrol – Model “R” Aluminum Portable Folding Belt

    The model R besides being extremely convenient (can be folded in half), is also very versatile. Examples of conveying uses include: truck, loft, or freight car, floor-to-floor, stairway, and as a portable booster with a wheel or roller conveyor. It is also suitable for bag handling, bag and carton stacking and moving cartons, cases, and boxes.

    • Bed: 18" wide x 0.080 aluminum bed, 6061-T6 heat treated, reinforced.
    • Belt width: 12".
    • Belt speed: 65 FPM.
    • Overall lengths: 10', 11-1/2', 13', 15', 17', 19', & 21'.
    • Motor: 1/2 to 3/4 HP.
    • Capacity: 300 lbs total distributed load, 150 lbs unit load.
    • Reversible.
    • Switch: reversing drum with power cord and plug mounted on side of unit.
    • Speed reduction: accomplished by 4-step jack shaft, v-belt, and #40 roller chain.
    • Adjustable floor supports.
    • 1 week stockyard availability (contact for sizes available).
    • Options include: rubber casters, floor stands, upper and lower feeders, trough attachment, cover, etc.