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  • Hytrol – Model “Gapper” Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

    The model Gapper is designed for feeding saw tooth merges, combiners, sorters, or other equipment where gaps must be pulled between cartons. Shown with optional floor supports.

    The model Gapper-L has GapLogix controls and a 5 HP gearmotor. It has the added advantage of being able to feed scales where carton pitch must be controlled.

    • Bed: 12 ga. galvanized slider pan mounted in 6-1/2" x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame.
    • Belt widths: 12", 18", 24", 30", & 36".
    • Center drive (standard).
    • Motor: 1 HP standard, 3 HP max.
    • Adjustable floor supports available.
    • 6 speed gap ratios.

  • Motorized Pulley Belt Conveyor – MPBC

    • U or Z profiled side frame.
    • Standard galvanized steel construction
    • Optional stainless steel construction
    • Standard 2-ply belt with PVC cover (other belt types available)
    • High load capacity—up to 220 lbs
    • Motorized Pulley features lightweight Techno-polymer planetary gearbox, reversible, 3-phase or single phase AC induction motor
    • Maintenance free
    • Lifetime lubricated Pulleys
    • Low noise
  • Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

    General Conveyor Inc. manufactures a wide range of horizontal and incline belt conveyors that may be easily modified to meet customer requirements. Construction in both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel is available.

    • Mild steel or sanitary stainless steel frames.
    • Available in a variety of sizes, with belting to suit application.
    • Modular design.
    • Floor or ceiling mounting.
    • Custom designing available.
    • Easy maintenance.

  • Tandem Belt Conveyor

    • Specifically designed to mount "Peel and Apply" labelers underneath the conveyor and allow the peel plate to extend through the gap between the belts.
    • Users can also mount labelers or other devices to the 4.5" high sidewall of the conveyor.
    • Economical and compact single gearbox design.
    • Stainless Steel 304 #4 Bed & Leg assemblies.
    • Small pulley diameters allows short transfer gap at infeed and discharge ends.
    • Swivel locking casters make relocating the unit easy.

  • TS-1500-100 & TS-1500-140 Belt Curve

    The TS1500-100 is available with belt widths: 10", 12", 14", 16", and 18".

    The TS1500-140 is available with belt widths: 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44", 46", and 48".

    Both models TS1500-100 and TS1500-140 provide a positive flow of product by means of a belt, driven by tapered pulleys. Conveyor is versatile in that it can transport a wide variety of products. Available in 45º, 60º, 90º, and 180º turns. Shown with optional floor supports.

    • Transnorm - TS-1500-140 Belt Curve
    • Bed: 8-3/8" inside, 10-1/2" outside; 2" x 2" x 3/16" structural steel all welded construction.
    • Belt: black monofilament, PVC top with urethane guide strip.
    • Motor: 3/4 HP shaft mounted right angle gear motor standard, 5 HP max.
    • Adjustable floor supports available.