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  • Air Conveyor

    The air conveyor uses a system of blowers, air chambers and specially louvered top plates to convey regular shaped products at high speed with very low back pressure. Ideal for products such as convenience food cartons, cereal boxes, cigarette cartons, Styrofoam trays and personal hygiene products.

    • High volume, low pressure blowers provide the air conveying surface. This means low operating costs and significant reduction in product damage.
    • Minimum moving parts means minimal maintenance.
    • Variety of widths, lengths, curves, straights, inclines and declines available for complete systems building.
    • Very low back pressure accumulation.

  • Alpine Accumulation

    General Conveyor offers a single or a twin alpine accumulation system. Suitable for handling plastic, metal or glass containers.
    • Plastic or steel clad chain for harsh environments, such as transporting metal components.
    • Simple side transfers with a parallel configuration.
    • Easy cleanout of the optional drip trays.
    • Complete range of corners, stops and merges to allow complete system supply.
    • Mild or stainless steel construction.